Sustrans NCN inconsistences

The National Cycle Network can been seen on Ordnance Survey maps (OS) using data supplied by Sustrans. It can also be seen on OpenCycleMap using data provided by volunteers.

The NCN shown on the two maps [OS map and the OpenStreetmap (on which OpenCycleMap is based) map (OSM)] is different and it shouldn’t be.

A review of the differences between the NCN map (as provided by Sustrans) and the current version of Openstreetmap for Derbyshire can be seen on the map – click on button below.

Review the thick red and blue areas which show the discrepancies. Turn on/off layers by using the legend at top right.

The analysis takes account of the removed and reclassified sections of the NCN (2020) and compares just the OSM and the remaining NCN (as of late 2020).

Some discrepancies are down to:

  • Links on the Ordnance Survey NCN that might not be included on OSM – links are shown separately as very thin blue lines.

However, others show:

  • wrong alignment on either NCN or OSM mapping which should be corrected.
  • historical changes to the network that aren’t reflected in the mapping (mainly shortcomings with the Ordnance Survey NCN).

Whilst local knowledge is needed to understand whether the Sustrans OS NCN map or the Openstreetmap NCN map is correct (or neither) there should be no discrepancies. Thus the thick lines on the map show areas where either the Sustrans map or the Openstreetmap need to be corrected.