Derby Cycle network missing links

Various projects have been completed, are in progress, or are planned to build new, or improve existing, cycle routes in the Derby area. It is my contention that a lot of investment in existing routes is spoiled in that they are not safely connected to other existing routes. Thus, people’s perception of the danger of the missing link prevents new and less confident cyclists from using the routes – or indeed actually making any of the journey by cycle.

While new high quality routes and improvements to existing sub-par routes are welcomed, it is overwhelmingly important that a perceived safe route can be found for the whole length of the desired journey. Without this complete route in place a lot of people will not consider making the journey by cycle.

There are very obvious disconnections in the overall Derby cycle network and these should be prioritised in the Derby plans for future cycle infrastructure – often as a higher priority to creating another high quality, but disconnected, route.

The shows some of the problem places which need to be addressed. These are generally junctions / road crossings / etc. and are mostly small areas that prevent a good quality connection between 2 or more good routes.

The map shows all the obvious shortcomings I’ve identified (with assistance from other Derby Cycling Group members). The most important 10 issues are shown in red. Click on the diamonds to get brief additional information. Zoom in for detail and turn on/off layers of information that is displayed using the icon at the top right.

There is also the need for longer distance routes within Derby (for example, a good quality route connecting the Royal Hospital with Derby City Centre) but this initiative to identify disconnects is not considering these longer routes, important as they are.

Your suggestions are welcomed on other perceived dangerous locations that should be included – email me. I welcome all comments but the map will remain my thoughts on the most important problems so not all suggestions may be included!

Thanks to Steve Adams for English advice!