Materials for recreating tube map

The following files are available for others to copy and modify for producing tube maps for other areas.

The originals were produced by Ian Dent and any usage in other projects should be acknowledged. Usage for commercial gain is prohibited.

The instruction guide details the approach taken for the Derby map and works through the creation of a map for a town (Belper) to demonstrate the process.

The zip file contains all the R programs, QGIS project files, data, style files and other miscellaneous files necessary to recreate the Belper example project. These files can be modified for use on your own local project. The zip file also contains the final version of the Belper map.

The R programs are not claimed to be great examples of R programming (in particular, more use of functions would be better) but should provide indication for others to see how the Derby map was created.

Also the guide does not include every minor step but should provide a useful framework to work through to create a map for your local area. Be aware that you’ll need to understand what you are doing and not just blindly follow the instructions!