Pennine Cycleway Experiences

A personal view of my trip from Berwick-on-Tweed to Derby along the length of the Pennine Cycleway (National Cycle Network route 68) in May 2019. Hopefully some comments will help others attempting the ride.

Highly recommended as a challenge ride. Great scenery and a variety of different cycling experiences although throughout there are a lot of hills!

Total distance travelled was 389 miles with a height gain of 32,000ft. Including train travel on the first day, I spent 8 days on the trip giving an average per day of 49 miles, 4000ft of climbing and about 5 hours 30 minutes actually pedalling. As a comparison, almost 50 years ago, the crew of Apollo 11 spent 8 days travelling to the moon and back (and with less computing power than I took on my bike ride!).