Belper Tube Map

A Cycle Quality map in the style of the London Underground has been created. The map is not intended to be for navigational purposes but, instead, provides a schematic view of the current status of cycling provisions in the Belper area.

Feedback on the ratings is welcomed. The actual routes used (rather than the schematic straight lines) can be seen on the map at Please send feedback to It is unlikely that consensus on all the ratings can be reached but all comments will be included in reviews for future versions of the map.

As provisions improve over time, the map should slowly change to blue. It will be noted that, at the moment, not a single route in the Belper area is rated “blue” (great or good) and every link could do with improvements. Please do what you can in your discussions with those in power to push for improvements.

The building of the Derwent Valley Cycleway will greatly improve the cycling provisions by providing a excellent quality route from north to south and allowing cyclists (and other users) to avoid the currently unsuitable A6 (too narrow, too busy particularly with heavy lorries, and too fast traffic). The improvements from the Cycleway can be seen by comparing the version of the map including the cycleway with that showing the existing provision.

Instructions for creating a similar map for your area can be found here.