Cycling in Derby Info

Disconnects in the Derby Cycle network

Analysis of “recommended” on road routes

General links that may be of interest

How to spend cycle infrastructure money unwisely

Analysis of Bicycle Theft Data in Derby

Map of Cycling in Derby

Derby City plans for cycling – Jan 2022

Cycling Tube maps

Derwent Valley Cycleway

Full details of the project

Map showing possible route. Zoom in to see detail


Derby Volunteer Rangers group – map showing areas of responsibility.

Mismatches between Sustrans mapping and OpenStreetMap mapping (2020) – after removal and reassignment exercise


Pennine Cycleway – 2019

All the rides and walks I’ve logged into the Komoot app (free to access)


Inspired by Grasshopper Geography, I’ve been experimenting with ways of displaying river valleys (including tributaries). Still a work in progress but some initial results below.

River Derwent
Trent and tributaries
Derwent, Dove, Erewash


Academic information relating to Ian’s research into the area of machine learning using smart meter data

Interesting Maps

What3Words continues it’s litigation and PR led drive to lock various public services into their proprietary way of assigning 3 unique words to every location in the world. Of much more interest and a fine way to waste a few hours is Four King Maps which takes a similar approach and assigns a unique combination of 4 swear words to every place in the UK (probably not suitable for work). Try it now before the What3Words lawyers have it taken down.


Wordle has swept the world and has generated loads of clones. The ones I like best are:

  • Wordle original
  • Quordle – 4 wordles at once. There are other clones with eight or more but they seem too hard to follow.
  • Waffle – all the letters are there but you need to rearrange them correctly (in as few moves as possible).
  • Nerdle – an arithmetic version. Need to do it in your head without pen and paper!
  • Worldle – note the extra “l”. Tests geographic knowledge.
  • Heardle – music introductions
  • Cloudle – guess the weather forecast for a random city.
  • Absurdle – like wordle but the computer changes the word it is thinking of. Needs a different approach to solving.
  • Letterle – for beginners

An excellent video using Information Theory applied to Wordle.


The next craze to sweep the world may be Doble – try it first here